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Pile testing

Specialists in Pile Integrity Testing,
Static Pile Maintained Load Testing
& Dynamic Load Testing

Pile integrity testing

Pile integrity testing
Oscillation of the pile head provides an acoustical survey of the test pile. Potential discontinuities such as cracks, voids and changes in cross sectional area can be identified.

Vibration monitoring

Vibration monitoring
NDT Services Ltd provide hire of Vibration Monitoring equipment and a full BM Trada certified 9001:2008 comprehensive report containing graphical representation of the data recorded from site.

Dynamic load testing

dynamic load testing
Dynamic load tests are carried out by striking the pile with a hammer and observing the resulting forces and motions recorded near the pile head.

Static load testing

static load testing
Static load tests are carried out in order to assess the performance of a test pile when subjected to a predetermined load.

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